Our whole-school English strategy is designed to support students with the literacy skills they need to be successful right across the curriculum. Reading plays a vital role in the development and education at Merrydale Junior School. At Merrydale Junior School we ensure that pupils have lots of opportunities to read in lots of different contexts. We continually strive to promote a love of reading through our ‘novel based’ curriculum in English. We also focus on the learning of spellings through our ‘no-nonsense’ programme. As a school we have high expectation for children to produce their best therefore staff will model correct formation of letters and cursive handwriting, and provide opportunities for children to practice regularly. Lastly improving our writing is a focus this year and we will be delivering ‘talk for writing’ lessons to motivate children to produce detailed quality writing.

Year 3 Scheme of Work

Year 4 Scheme of Work

Year 5 Scheme of Work

Year 6 Scheme of Work

Grammar Terminology Guide


Mathematics is a tool for everyday life and a way of viewing and making sense of the world. It is used to analyse and communicate information and ideas and to tackle a range of practical tasks and real life problems. 
Each child takes part in a daily Maths lesson where new skills are taught and developed. It is our aim to develop pupils’ mental and written fluency, competence and confidence in mathematical knowledge and skills so they are equipped for secondary school. Our maths curriculum teaches children to: solve problems by reasoning and thinking logically; working systematically and accurately; communicate using mathematical vocabulary and apply mathematics in real life.

We aim for all children at Merrydale to have a positive attitude towards mathematics which will support them in using and applying their skills across the curriculum, for example: data handling in Science and measures in Geography. We want all pupils to have the abilities needed to work both independently and in cooperation with others whilst developing their understanding of mathematics.

Foundation Subjects

Foundation subjects are taught as topics. The topics have been developed using the new national curriculum and provide coverage of all subjects. The topics are introduced imaginatively to the children and all consist of enrichment activities to develop enjoyment and learning for the children. The children take part in cross-curricular lessons to link areas of the curriculum together. We ensure that the skills advance in complexity as the children move through the school by using our progression of skills document, which we can assess the learning by.


We regularly have visitors and experts from the local area to come and share the learning experience with the children and have taken part in some interesting projects, for example working with students and staff from the Archaeological department of Leicester University.

Merrydale progression of skills

Working scientifically progression of skills


Year 3 Autumn Curriculum Overview 

Year 4 Autumn Curriculum Overview

Year 5 Autumn Curriculum Overview

Year 6 Autumn Curriculum Overview


Year 3 Spring Curriculum Overview

Year 4 Spring Curriculum Overview 

Year 5 Spring Curriculum Overview

Year 6 Spring Curriculum Overview


Year 3 Summer Curriculum Overview 

Year 4 Summer Curriculum Overview 

Year 5 Summer Curriculum Overview

Year 6 Summer Curriculum Overview

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