Head Teacher Awards


Aamina's Electricity Poster

Henik's Electricity Circuit

Aryan's WW1 Poster

Ayaan's Cello

Muhummud Admani received 2 trophies this month. One for basketball and one for karate.

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This amazing time machine was built by Eleonora  in 3AB


This fantastic time machine was constructed by Divpreet Kaur in 3LG 


Re-tell a Mayan myth: The Hero Twins


Once upon a time there were 2 twins. They were good, great and excellent at ball games. The on lookers cheered to the two twins the noise was heard by the Lord of Death.

The Lord of Death sent an invitation card to the two twins to play ball games in the underworld.

They made it over the sick river, the blood river and the puss river and arrived at the house of the Lord of Death.

The two twins said hello. The Lord of Death was a statue.  The two twins had failed a test. The Lord of Death said have a seat the bench was hot the two twins failed another test.

They were sent to their houses. They were sent to their jaguar houses.

The two twins had test after test, when the Lord of Death said let’s look. Let look at they jump over the oven.

They jumped into the oven then they dies.

Amazingly, they came back to life. Soon they discovered they had magical powers. Then they cut themselves and they could put themselves back together again!

The two twins travelled town after town they could dance, play tricks and sing. The Lord of Death sent an invitation card then the twins the Lord of Death were happy and the two twins cut the Lord of Deaths arm. The Lord of Death failed the test. The two twins was the courage. The hero twins were the sun and the moon.

The two twins were the new rulers of the underworld.

Niraj  5GH


This amazing piece of homework completed by Brody Carnall in class 3LD.


This incredible model eye was made by Kishanie in class 6GW.

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