Comments from the children


We had a lot of fun in Kingswood and we loved the bedrooms, we get to sleep on bunk-beds and I had a lots of fun. The first thing you do is you have to woke up at 7.00 am  so you can get ready until 9.00 am. After that, you have to have your breakfast and you have a playground there so you can play foot balls hide and seek and many more things that you can play, so then run around the playground so that you get fresh air. Then you have your lunch.  Afterwards, you have lots of activities  to choose from, for example: Climbing ,Quad biking, Jacob’s ladder (climbing) and lots more!!  I loved the best was the Zip wiring even thought I was so scared to actually go down the Zip wire to overcame my fear of heights. When I looked up from 10 feet height  it was so scary but then I closed my eyes and I jumped. When I slowly went down opened my eyes and I looked at my friend she was shocked because she didn’t went before me she went after. You have two activities to finish then you have your dinner and again you have two activities to finish, and we had a camp fire party we finished with songs and hot chocolate.



Hi we went on a school trip to a place called Kingswood and we went on a zip wire and abseiling also quad’s we had so  many more activity’s. Me friends all slept in the same room the food was also delicious we went for 3 day . We had delicious food my favourite was pizza . On the last night we had a camp fire with marshmallows and hot chocolate it was so  much fun we had to do archery and Jacobs ladder my favourite activity was a challenge with my group called team challenge were you had to help everyone in your group we won it .Joshua


This past weekend some of the year 6 children went to Kingswood. Kingswood is like a big playground but times that by one hundred. There is a lot of activities  to choose from, for example: Climbing; Quad biking; Jacob’s ladder (climbing) and lots more!! My personal best was the Zip wiring even though I didn’t actually go down the Zip wire I overcame my fear of heights. If you are year 5 I would really recommend going to Kingswood as it is a great experience and you can learn a lot from it!



Kingswood 2014




Kingswood 2015



Kingswood 2016

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