Discovery Schools Academy Trust aims to create an outstanding education for all children, sharing good practice and expertise between schools to ensure all children receive a world class education. Children only get one chance and as such deserve the very best teaching and opportunities to reach their potential.

Our highly effective and self-improving schools learn together, share leadership, resources and talent to develop the next generation of teachers and learners, building innovative learning opportunities to ensure all children achieve their potential. All professionals within our schools take responsibility for progress and attainment of their children.

We aim to build learning communities where schools work together to improve. Achieving deep partnerships and effective Joint Practice Development are vital to learn from each other.

We create learning communities that are:

  • committed to continuous improvement
  • part of a Forward Thinking organisation
  • providing a curriculum that ensures achievement for all pupils
  • improving access to Educational Services for those who need support
  • effective learning spaces that maximise learning


Please click the link below to find information like articles of association and annual accounts.


DSAT Financial Report 2014-2015


Academy Trust Members & Directors


Funding Agreement




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