Pastoral Care

Hello. My name is Mrs Lambert and I am the Pastoral Support Officer working as part of the team of staff within Merrydale Juniors. My job is to make sure your child is happy, safe and relaxed at school. I work therapeutically supporting them through troubled times, bereavement and separation and other issues that can make a child unsettled or sad. I do this by chatting with them, setting up group work, checking they are ok during the day and talking to you about how we as a school can help.

I also work with children who struggle with their behaviour, setting them targets if needs be, helping them turn their behaviour around by encouraging small steps in the right direction. This enables them to access education and become better learners. I work restoratively which means that we talk about the behaviour, think through what they did wrong, discuss how they could do it differently and how the result would then be better. By doing this the child is not worried about discussing how they have gone wrong.

If you would like to discuss any issues you feel your child might have please feel free to contact me.

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