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Welcome to the Physical Education and Sport page for Merrydale Junior School.

Here at Merrydale we believe that PE and school sport is a very important part of a child’s education. Our aim is for our children to develop their skills and physical fitness as well as important values such as self-confidence, determination, respect and fair play. To do this, we want to provide our children with a broad and stimulating PE curriculum, access to lunch and after school activities and opportunities to participate in competitive sport.

Our children have many opportunities to participate in different sporting events through our involvement with the Leicester City School Sport & Physical Activity Network, Leicester City FC Primary School League and DSAT organised tournaments. We will be participating in over 25 sporting events during the 2018-19 school year, giving our children many opportunities to play in competitive sport.

East Leicester Mini Tennis Competition - Knighton Tennis Centre 10/05/18

Runners Up

East Leicester Kwik Cricket Competition - WQE 01/05/18

Runners Up

East Leicester TAG Rugby Competition - WQE 13/04/18

Runners up

East Leicester Quick Sticks Hockey - Soar Valley CC 15/03/18

Cross Country Qualifier - Knighton Park 09/03/18

East Leicester Gymnastics Competition - New College 23/02/18

Year 3/4 Team - East Leicester Champions!

Year 5/6 Team - Runners up

East Leicester Swimming Gala - Cossington Street 02/02/18

East Leicester Basketball Competition - Hamilton Academy 18/01/18

Sports Hall Athletics - Aylestone Leisure Centre 01/12/17

Year 3 & 4 DSAT football competition 17/11/17

Table Tennis - Knighton Table Tennis Centre 03/11/17

Sports Hall Athletics - Crown Hills 27/1017

Cross Country - Knighton Park 13/10/17

LCFC Girls Football League Finals - New College 10/07/17

Over the past two summer terms our girls football team have been playing on Monday afternoons at Judgemeadow where they have played against other schools in the aim of qualifying for the finals for the 3rd consecutive year. We managed to qualify for the finals and went to New College to play against the other qualifiers from around the City. Around 30 schools had been cut down to just 8 qualifiers for the finals. We managed to progress to the semi-final after winning all of our group games. The semi-final went to golden goal extra time and we managed to win that with a superb strike straight from kick off! That put us into the final where we found ourselves up against strong opposition. We went 2-0 down and with little time remaining needed to grab a goal to give us a chance! We managed to score a quick goal to make it 2-1 and with only 1 minute left we equalised through an own goal taking the game to 2-2. With extra time surely to be played we wanted to make sure we held on to then try and win it then. With literally seconds on the clock we got the winning goal to leave no time for the opposition to respond! The girls were presented with a nice trophy and medals. It is the second consecutive year where our girls team have managed to win the LCFC Girls Football League which is a fantastic achievement! Well done girls!

School Games Championships - Uppingham School 30/06/17

After winning the East Leicester competition in May our cricket team went and played in the Summer Championships at Uppingham School. They played some fantastic cricket and fielded superbly throughout the competition. There was some confusion with how the winner would be decided and despite 3 teams, including ourselves, winning all of their matches (whilst not playing each other at the event) only one team would be named the winner. In a somewhat strange way to decide the county winner at the Kwik Cricket competition it would be decided on runs scored across the whole event - again quite strange given that ourselves and the two other unbeaten schools had played against different teams during the day. After winning 4 out of 4 matches we took the bronze medal which the boys should be extremely proud of! Well done everyone!

Quad Kids Finals 2017 - Saffron Lane

After qualifying through the East Leicester athletics competition our year 5/6 team went and competed at Saffron Lane for the QuadKids finals. In a very strong field, our team did really well and managed to score a few excellent results that actually bettered what they'd got at the East Leicester competition. Well done everyone!

Tri-Golf 2017 - Humberstone Heights GC

Our children took part in the Tri-Golf competition at Humberstone Heights. They played some fantastic shots and had a lot of fun. Both teams year 3/4 and 5/6 finished in 3rd place in a tight event! Well done everyone!


East Leicester Athletics Saffron Lane 06/06/17

In the showcase event of the sporting calendar 36 children from Merrydale went and competed at a very wet Saffron Lane. Our year 4, 5 and 6 teams did fantastic, winning numerous heats and managing to come away with a few medals in the long jump, 400m and the 50m sprint. They managed to qualify for the quad kids event held the following week where they were able to achieve slightly better times and results but finishing in 8th place in a very strong field. Well done to everyone that took part in the athletics competitions this year!

Kwik Cricket Competition - Wyggeston & QE- 19/05/17

Our girls and boys teams competed at the East Leicester Kwik Cricket competitions where they were eager to show off the skills they had been working on all year. The events were on separate days with the boys having to play in some very wet conditions! The girls managed to win a number of games which took them all the way to the final. Unfortunately they just missed out on winning the competition but it was a huge improvement on last years final result so a massive well done to the girls!

The boys also managed to win a number of games that took them to the final. Our team were looking to secure a second consecutive East Leicester Kwik Cricket title after winning the same competition last year. They managed to achieve this in what was a very tight final winning by only 15 runs. The boys will now go and compete at the summer championships at Uppingham. Good luck boys and well done to both our teams for their achievements!


Tag Rugby Competition - Wyggeston & QE- 28/04/17

We took a Tag Rugby team to participate in the East Leicester tag rugby competition, where they competed against other local schools. There was a slight change this year with the event being held for year 3/4 children rather than the 5/6 children from previous years. We played some great rugby and came around half way out of 10 schools in the final results. It was very pleasing to see the team get better as they day went on, scoring some great tries and making sure they remembered the key areas of rugby from their tag rugby P.E topic. Well done to the children involved!

Mini-Tennis Competition - Knighton Tennis Centre - 24/03/17

We took two teams to compete in the year 3/4 Mini-Tennis competition at Knighton Tennis Centre where the children were able to put into practice what they had learnt through our Mini-Tennis P.E. topic and our very popular after school tennis club. The children had clearly learnt so much this year as one of our teams managed to win 3 of the 4 matches against other schools, playing some great tennis in the process. Well done to everyone that was involved.

Cross Country - Knighton Park - 17/03/17

30 children from years 3, 4, 5 and 6 took part in a cross country qualifier at Knighton Park along with hundreds of other children from schools across Leicester. In wet and windy conditions the children showed great determination and we managed to come away with quite a few qualifiers. Those children will now have the opportunity to go and represent Leicester City in the county championships. Well done to everyone involved!


Gymnastics Competition Moat CC - 24/02/17

Our year 3/4 and 5/6 gymnastics team competed at the East Leicester competition where they completed routines on the vault, floor and body management. They all performed brilliantly with the year 3/4 team taking the bronze medal! The year 5/6 team just missed out on a medal position but performed very well on all of their routines.

Gymnastics Competition (DSAT) - 10/02/17

Our year 5 & 6 gymnastics team competed at a DSAT competition at Aylestone Leisure Centre where they completed routines on the back of months of hard work in P.E lessons and our after school gymnastics club. They all performed brilliantly especially on the vault. Well done!

Swimming Gala - Cossington Leisure Centre - 03/02/17

A team of year 5 swimmers attended our first swimming gala at Cossington, where they put into practice what they had learnt in their swimming lessons at Spence Street. The team did very well winning a few heats and displaying some good swimming strokes. We are already looking forward to attending next years gala!

Football Tournament (DSAT) - Redlands - 04/11/16

Our 3/4 team played in their first football tournament of the year when they participated in a tournament held at Redlands. They played some brilliant football, with a number goals scored from long range! They managed to come in joint 2nd place! Well done!  

Sportshall Athletics - Crown Hills - 27/10/16

The Sportshall Athletics competition took place at the end of October and our team of 20 children from year 5 & 6 had a fantastic afternoon competing in many different track and field events at Crown Hills. We managed to finish 5th out of 13 schools in East Leicester which was excellent. We are already looking forward to the next athletics competition!

Cross Country - Knighton Park - 14/10/16

30 children from years 3, 4, 5 and 6 took part in their first cross country event of the year at Knighton Park along with hundreds of other children from schools across Leicester. It was the 3rd time our school has competed at a cross country event and we did brilliantly again with many top 10 finishes across the four year groups. Well done to everyone involved!

Athletics Competition - Saffron Lane - 07/06/16

40 children from Merrydale were chosen to compete at the East Leicester Athletics competition at Saffron Lane, where they would take part in many different activities. Year 4, 5 and 6 children took part in events such as 50m & 75m sprint, 400m & 600m, howler throw, standing long jump and relay. The children had a fantastic time with many achieving a medal place! Well done to the year 4 team for qualifying for the QuadKids event at Saffron Lane as a result of their performance.

Well done to everyone who took part!

Cricket Competition - Wyggeston & QE - 24/05/16 & 26/05/16

Our boys and girls cricket teams competed at the East Leicester cricket competitions at Wyggeston & QE, hoping to show off many skills they'd learnt throughout the school term. The girls competed very well narrowly missing out on securing a victory in their first match but showing some good bowling technique. They managed to win their final 3 games quite convincingly after hitting many 4's and 6's. They finished 5th in the competition out of 10 schools.

The boys team were very excited to compete. The whole team have been practising at lunch times throughout the year and this was shown in the way they played throughout the competition. The boys managed to finish in 1st place, winning all of their games! There were many highlights throughout the day with great bowling and batting in every game. Uttam hit a maximum 36 off 6 balls, which was brilliant!

Well done to both teams!

Tri-Golf - Humberstone Heights 19/05/16

Two teams from Merrydale competed in the East Leicester Tri-Golf competition at Humberstone Heights Golf Club where they played many different games that tested their putting and chipping ability. The two teams were made up of year 3/4 and 5/6 children. There were 8 local schools at the event and it was great to see so many enjoying playing what is a growing game across the UK. All of the children impressed and played some fantastic shots in the different challenges they had to face. The year 3/4 team came in 1st place which was a fantastic achievement and they were delighted with the trophy they received. The year 5/6 team came in 6th place but with a great score, showing that the competition in their age group was very strong. The year 3/4 team will now progress to the school games summer championships at the end of June. Well done to both teams!

Mini-Tennis Competition - Knighton Tennis Centre - 06/05/16

Children from Merrydale went to Knighton Tennis Centre to participate in a Mini-Tennis competition with other local schools. Having spent a term learning about tennis and practising different shots they were eager to compete and show off their skills. The children played some great tennis in some very competitive matches. There were some fantastic rallies during the games with children showing some great forehand and backhand shots. The children had a fantastic time in a great facility. Well done to those who took part!

TAG Rugby Competition - 15/04/16

In the first event of the summer term 10 children from Merrydale represented the school in the Tag Rugby competition at Wyggeston & QE. We also took two reporters who were asked to write about the event and take pictures of the children in action. The first few games were difficult for the team but they turned that around by winning 2 and drawing 1 of their final 3 games, scoring some fantastic tries in the process. They all had a great time playing despite the wet conditions. Well done to those who were involved!

Quicksticks Hockey Competition - 16/03/16

In the last event of the spring term two teams from year 3/4 and 5/6 took part in the quicksticks hockey competition at Soar Valley. Many schools attended the event so both teams got to play many matches. Most of the children who were selected to play had played hockey during our afterschool multi-sports club so this was a great opportunity for them to play competitive games against other schools. Both teams played brilliantly, winning numerous matches and demonstrating important values throughout. The organisers noticed this from our year 5/6 team who won the values award so a huge well done to them! A member of the year 3/4 team also won an award picking up the girls star performer! Well done everyone!


Sports Festival - Crown Hills Community College 14/03/16

A group of children visited Crown Hills to participate in a sports festival in which they took part in many different activities. The activities were new to most of the children and they had a great time learning new skills! Well done to all the children that were involved!


Cross Country County Qualifier - Knighton Park 04/03/16

On Friday afternoon we took 20 children to compete in the cross country county qualifier at Knighton Park. This was our second cross country event that we have attended during the school year and despite the conditions our children had a great time running.  Places in the cross country county championships were up for grabs for children who came in the top 12 of their race. One of our year 3 girls managed to qualify so a huge well done to her with many of our other children just missing out but coming in the top 20!

Well done to everyone involved!


Gymnastics - Moat Community College 25/02/16

On Thursday afternoon we took two teams to compete in the East Leicester gymnastics competition at Moat Community College. Our year 3/4 and 5/6 team had practiced their routines at a gymnastics club after school over the past 6 weeks and had put in a lot of hard work to have their routines prepared. Our year 3/4 team did brilliantly finishing in 3rd place with some great scores and the year 5/6 team came in 4th place with some good performances! We also took two sports reporters from year 5 who wrote about the competition and took videos and pictures of the performances. Well done to everyone who represented Merrydale at the competition!


Hockey - Crown Hills Community College 08/12/15

On Tuesday afternoon we took a team to play in some friendly hockey matches against other local schools at Crown Hills Community College. For many of the children it was their first time playing hockey in this environment and they all had a great time playing.

Sports Festival - Crown Hills Community College 02/12/15

On Wednesday 2nd December we took 30 Year 5 & 6 children to participate in the Crown Hills Sport Festival. The children participated in many different activities such as athletics, cricket, basketball and skipping. They all had a fantastic time learning new skills, being active and meeting other children from local schools.



Basketball Competition at Gateway College 27/11/15

The Merrydale basketball team attended their first school games competition of the year at Gateway College, where they were playing for a place in the finals. The team showed some fantastic skills throughout scoring lots of baskets. They managed to finish in a qualification place and will be attending the East Leicester finals in the new year. Congratulations to two of our players who received the boy and girl of the tournament awards!

Table Tennis competition at Judgemeadow 06/11/15

8 of our children attended their first Table Tennis event at Judgemeadow, where they got to play many matches against other children from schools around Leicester. They all played some great matches and enjoyed the chance to compete at such a great event. Well done to those involved!


Sportshall Athletics at Crown Hills 28/10/15

On October 28th we took a group of 22 children to compete in the Sportshall Athletics event at Crown Hills Community College. We were very excited to compete as this was one of our favourite events last year. Children compete in many different track & field events and score points based on their performance.

We performed brilliantly with both the boys & girls teams coming in 1st place in a number of track events, showing the speed we have at Merrydale! The organisers saw the determination and effort our children put in and awarded us the fair play award. This was the 2nd year in a row that we have won this award so a huge well done to everyone for representing Merrydale so well on the day!


5 a-side Football Tournament at Goals Leicester 29/09/15 & 12/10/15

We took teams from year 3/4 and 5/6 to compete in the football tournament at Goals Leicester through our association with the Crown Hills Community College Family of School Sport program. Our teams performed brilliantly with the year 4 and year 6 teams winning in their respective tournament. Years 3 & 5 both achieved 3rd place and played some great football.


Cross Country at Knighton Park 09/10/15

Merrydale took part in their first cross country event of the year at Knighton Park with a team of 30 children from years 3, 4, 5 and 6 participating in the event along with hundreds of other children from schools across Leicester. It was a fantastic sunny afternoon where we did brilliantly to achieve many top 15 finishes in every year race. Some of the children had attended a cross country after school club for the previous 5 weeks so this was a fantastic opportunity to put into practice what they had learnt. A special mention goes to the following children for their fantastic finishes.


Maya - 4th place

Luke - 6th place

Kiyrah - 8th place

Raadiya - 9th place

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