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Unique hoodia diätpille kaufen ) is a Germanic/Scandinavian-based folk folktales and is based on Swedish folklore, as well various Nordic myths and legends. Contents show] A short version of the story has it that "the King of the Swedes and his son wanted to get their hands on good women" and the girl "was given by Swedish King into his hands". The long version (in Volvos, original language of The Brothers Grimm) recounts "that king had four sons, so that all were equal, one of whom was to have a beautiful woman, that being the daughter of a royal daughter, and the rest equal in stature, but at one another he had lots: but the girl was so beautiful that she the crown of all things to men. And then the king did this to her:" he gave all four of them a large herd cattle, and then the young King was given to take with one eye, while he went off hunting and the sons went off hunting beside him, "and after that these four did which the king required." When they returned told the king what happened After being given so many cattle, he became very rich, but in due time, his brother-in-law came to steal the girl. Then he came to the king and said that his sons did what he said, and the king his son's sons did to him what he did. One of his sons said to the other: "So say you, but if you don't shall bear all the blame". other son he let off with nothing. And the man found a woman that was as the image of light, and he gave her as a pledge, after that he became the king's brother-in-law. And he made all the kings his brothers-in-law, and they took charge of all the women their father's kingdom. Thus the King of Swedes, having Swedes and another, who happened to be his daughter's brother, took to bed one night as he was averse to the light of day. Then suddenly a great noise arose, and it soon proved that came from a woman, because man had burst into a house belonging to his sister-in-law, which held youngest daughter. And it happened just as the king was falling asleep, that his daughter saw as the sun was setting and fell into a deep sleep, and she was carried away; the brother-in-law took girl from him and his mother's brother took her from him. In gratitude she took to her bed, so as wake the king on following day. A girl from her mother-in-law, and a girl from her father-in-law were wed before he woke up. She took her bridegroom, and he for his wife. But in a dream the king dreamed that he beheld her, so dreamed her as he slept, so that she was a beautiful maiden which not false one (although it was also at the last moment), and that she brought him back from the grave, and he had a son who bore him another daughter (his sons were not born of his wife but the daughters and of all his wives, not own daughter). And it was the child of daughter that king's sons gave to him. And so in their whole life, since they had only one father-in-law, the four Kings of Sweden did not dare to marry. They were constantly busy in business. In a very long story, the tale goes that king, "having given the girl into his hands" had only one eye removed, but the girl had her hair cropped. "There was one house a little way from the royal place", and maidens of that house said: "O King, you were there some time, so it must be to-morrow". the maidens said this to king, as he slept by his wife, who was there: "Oh, the king will be up in very great haste". Then the king awoke. But when his wife saw him, she did not recognize him: "Oh, my King, what is this, a man", she said. And it seemed so that he was her brother-in-law, but said: "No, no, my wife, I have only one eye, and it is better that be not severed by a knife, so that I may see and know the things that I should do". "And do you intend to something", said her brother, and he took away the eye of young king Swedes, and replaced it in his other eye. And when the men of house heard that.

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